Resource List: User-ID Configuring and Troubleshooting

Resource List: User-ID Configuring and Troubleshooting

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  • Any PAN-OS.
  • Palo Alto Firewall or Panorama.
  • User ID configuration.


The following table provides a list of valuable resources in addressing User ID issues on the Palo Alto Firewall.

Articles related to User-ID Agent
'Enable Server Session Read' meaning for User-ID Agent
How to Ignore Users in User-ID
User ID with Mapped Drives Mapping to Wrong Users
Useful CLI Commands for troubleshooting User-ID agent software
What Does the Version for Show User User-ID-Agent Statistics Mean?
How to Configure User Identification Timeout for PAN-OS integrated User-ID agent
Error message: pan_ssl_conn_open failed seen when connecting User-ID agent to Windows 2019 Server
Failed to Re-install User-ID Agent
How to download the user-id agent
User-ID Agent Setup Tips
How to Generate and Export Logs from the User-ID Agent (UIA) When the Firewall is Unable to Connect to UIA
User-ID XML API setup on Windows UID agent
How to Change the Include and Exclude Lists with User-ID Agent 4.1
Security Event IDs from Active Directory Used with User-ID Agent
User-ID Agent Shows as 'not-conn' on the Palo Alto Networks Firewall
How to Copy User-ID Agent Configuration from one Server to Another
User-ID Agent Status Shows as Red on Secondary Firewall in Active/Active Configuration
User-ID Agent Generating DCOM and Kerberos System Errors
User-ID Agent Service not Starting
User-ID Agent Error Start Service Failed with Error 1069
User IP Mapping in the User-ID Agent when users are added via XML-API
No User-to-IP Mappings Found by the User-ID Agent when Monitoring Domain Controller Security Logs
How Many User-ID Agents are Supported on the Palo Alto Networks Firewall?
What Login Credentials Does Palo Alto Networks User-ID Agent See when Using RDP?
Error: Failed to connect to User-ID-Agent at x.x.x.x(x.x.x.x):5009
User-ID Agent Service Account Locked out Intermittently
[ Warn 839]" message seen in User-ID agent logs"
How to Set Up Secure Communication between Palo Alto Networks Firewall and User-ID Agent
Which login credentials does Palo Alto Networks User-ID agent see when using RDP?
GlobalProtect Users Appear as Coming From User-ID Agent in IP-User Mapping
Error message in the User-ID agent Logs "User-ID Agent Connecting (The stub received bad data.)"
How the User-ID Agent Include/Exclude List Works
Error message: pan_ssl_conn_open failed seen when connecting User ID agent to Windows 2019 Server
User ID credential phishing service does not work on Full Domain controller
User Group is Incorrect and not Hitting Correct Security Policies
Articles related to LDAP
How to check user IP mappings on an AD server
How to configure Active Directory Authentication for GlobalProtect users to login with domain\username and just username format
How to determine the NetBIOS domain for LDAP server profile in Windows 2003 and 2008 server
How to check users in LDAP groups
How to Configure Bind-DN and Password On LDAP server Profile?
How to identify and configure Base-DN of LDAP Server
How to Configure LDAP Server Profile
Tips & Tricks: Custom LDAP Groups
Authentication Issues with Shared LDAP Configuration over Multiple VSYS
How to Pull Group Using an LDAP Proxy
How to resolve get-ldap-data-failure error in system logs
LDAP Queries to Determine eDirectory Information
Usernames Not Retrieved by the Firewall with OU for LDAP Server Profile Base
How to Configure Active Directory Server Profile for Group Mapping and Authentication
User-ID Credential Agent fails to extract credentials on Windows Server 2019 RODC
DotW: User-ID for Microsoft Exchange Server Permission Issue
Agentless User-ID Connection to Active Directory Server Not Connected
How to configure active directory server profile for group-mapping and authentication
What are the suggested timer configuration for LDAP during disaster recovery
Article Related to Group Mapping
User-ID Group Mappings Not Working When Located in an OU with Comma or Ampersand
Groups not Pulled on the Palo Alto Networks Firewall after Adding a User-ID Agent
How to Add Groups or Users to Security Policy
Group Mapping After Refresh Not Changed
Configuring Group Mappings on Multiple Palo Alto Networks Devices using Panorama without the master device
How to configure panorama to pull group mapping information from a managed firewall with the master device
Configuring Group Include List on M-100/Panorama for Managed Devices
How to Use User Principle Name (UPN) with Certificate Authentication for Global Protect and Group-Mapping
User-ID Nested User Groups
User Group Count Exceeds Threshold
User Mappings are mapped to the wrong Security Policy when using Attributes
LDAP group mapping fails to retrieve some groups when using group-include-lists
Articles related to Terminal Server
Tips & Tricks: Considerations for TS Agent and User-ID Agent in a Mixed Environment
Random Source Users are missing in the traffic logs when using Terminal Server Agent (TSA)
How Does TS Agent for Citrix Terminal Server Identify User Login Events?
Terminal Server Agent Registry Tuning for Better Port Allocation and Handling, Time Wait State
How to install and configure terminal server agent
Articles related to Syslog
Windows User-ID Agent Not Reflecting Mapping From Syslog Server
All Other Articles related to User-ID
Duo Authentication Proxy does not work with PANOS 8.1.7 or above
All about User-id domain map
What is the Communication Direction for User-ID?
How to View User-ID Mapping in a Specific Virtual System
How to Configure Agentless User-ID
Forwarding User-ID Logs to Panorama
Where to find the current preferred software versions? (PAN-OS, GlobalProtect, User-ID Agent, Plugins)
How to Add/Delete Users from Ignore User List using Agentless User-ID
Best practices for securing User-ID deployments
User-id showing incorrect domain in normalization (\username instead of domain\username)
UserID-Agent-credential-phishing Not Able to Extract Credentials
Unknown user for User-ID IP-User mapping cache timers
IP-to-User mappings have inconsistent domain prefix
User ID credential phishing service does not work on Full Domain controller
How to troubleshoot connection failure to the monitored server for PAN-OS integrated User-ID Agent

Additional Information

Listed below are some of the video articles that can be used for understanding and configuration of User-ID.
Video Tutorial: How to download and install User-ID Agent
Video Tutorial: How to configure User-ID Agent Account
Video Tutorial: How to confirm Connection to the User-ID Agent
Video Tutorial: Configure the User-ID Agent to Monitor Services
Video Tutorial: How to configure the Firewall to Connect to User-ID Agent
Video Tutorial: How to configure LDAP Group Mapping
Video Tutorial: How to configure LDAP Server Profile
Video Tutorial: How to configure User ID Monitored Servers and Verify Connection Status


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