How to Configure Bind-DN and Password On LDAP Server Profile

How to Configure Bind-DN and Password On LDAP Server Profile

Created On 01/13/20 23:55 PM - Last Modified 01/26/23 21:49 PM

How to Configure Bind-DN and Password on LDAP server Profile

  • PAN-OS
  • Active Directory Server

When configure LDAP server profile, need to know what is the Bind_DN and password on your Active directory server.
  1. Login to AD server
  2. Navigate to server Manager > Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers 
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  1. Right click on your <domain name>, Click on View > Check Advanced Features option:
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  1. Click on Users > Administrator OR any Admin account name on Active directory server > Right Click and click on Properties
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  1. Click on Attribute Editor > Click on DistinguishedName 
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  1. Copy the distinguishedName Value: (example below:)
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  1. Login to firewall GUI: Device > Server Profiles > LDAP > Bind-DN and paste the same.
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     Note: Make Sure Type the correct password of Administrator account.
  1. Click OK
  2. Commit changes

Additional Information

Bind-DN examples

  • CN=Adminstrator,CN=Users,DC=paloalto,DC=com 

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