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TitleResource List: Performance and Stability
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SummaryThe following list provides articles related to performance and stability such as high CPU, throughput, HA and other related issues.
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  • Any PAN-OS.
  • Palo Alto Firewall.

The following table provides a list of valuable resources in addressing Performance and Stability issues on the Palo Alto Firewall.
Scroll through the page or click on the links to go directly to the articles related to
High CPU
Packet Loss
High Availability
Other Articles

Articles related to High CPU
How to Troubleshoot High Dataplane CPU
How to Troubleshoot High DP CPU because of IPSec Traffic
High Dataplane CPU Caused From "too small" or "too large" Packets For Content Inspection
How to interpret output of "debug dataplane pow performance" during troubleshooting high DP CPU
Routing Loop Causing High Dataplane CPU
How to Open a Case for High Management Plane CPU
Identifying and Resolving High Dataplane CPU caused by packet-diag logging
Why is my Dataplane CPU high with TAP mode??
How to the interpret output of "show system resources" for multicore CPU
Steps to Reduce MP CPU
Why is the message "Dataplane under severe load" displayed in the System log?
Tips & Tricks: Reducing Management Plane Load
PA-500 High Management CPU and Poor Performance with high Logging
Management CPU is 100% because of '%wa'
How to view 'show session info' of the specific dataplane from the CLI
Show System Resource Command Displays CPU Utilization of 9999%
Does Inter-VSYS traffic get offloaded?
How to Interpret: show running resource-monitor
How to Capture Traffic (PCAP) Hitting a Specific Rule causing high MP CPU
What Do the CPU Usage Values Mean?
Articles related to Packet Loss/Throughput
Packet Buffer Utilization stuck at High Rates
Troubleshooting Slowness with Traffic, Management
Intermittent traffic with increasing "appid_exceed_pkt_limit_post" counter
Packet Buffer Utilization stuck at High Rates
How to Interpret "Show Running Resource Monitor"
How to identify the packet buffer misconfiguration
How To Check if a Session is Established and the Parent Session Information
Buffer depletion on PA-VM deployed in Nutanix virtualization platform
Is There an Impact on Active Sessions when Changing the Name of a Zone?
The Difference Between Receive Errors for Hardware and Logical Interface Counters
Differences between packets in slow path, fast path and offloaded
Logical interface packet drop counter explanation
How to Confirm That Specific Traffic is Not Propagating Through the Firewall
Packet Flow Sequence in PAN-OS
DotW: Packet Drops in LAN Interface
How To Understand L4 Checksum and Disable on Network Processor
How to Troubleshoot Using Counters via the CLI
What is the fifo_overrun counter?
Article Related to High Availability
Commit error "Pre-negotiation can only be enabled on HA Active-Passive mode"
What is the corresponding link state when the passive link state is set to auto?
LACP Transmission Rate in Active and Passive Settings
PAN-OS 7.1 L2 network protocol pre-negotiation for passive device
HA Active Passive Best Practices
Port flaps observed on previous Active Firewall during HA Failover
Graceful Restart timer for seamless failover
Support for IP fragmentation in active/active HA deployments
Different MAC Address on HA Active/Passive Pair in VM-Series Interfaces
How to configure or change the Master Key on a High Availability (HA) pair of firewalls
Port flaps observed on previous Active Firewall during HA Failover
SNMP Interface Poll Shows HA interfaces as Admin Up
What is the Admin user Password Change Behavior in HA?
Video Tutorial: How to Configure Active-Passive High Availability (HA) on the Palo Alto Networks Firewall
How To Be Alerted for Version Mismatches Between HA Peers
HA Path Monitoring Across IPSEC tunnel failing
Traffic Issues for NAT IPs after HA Failover on VM Series Platforms
HA Sync Job Fails on Passive Firewall when NetFlow Profile applied on Active Firewall
Path Monitoring for a Static Route Causing Configuration Validation Error in HA Active/Active Setup
Are Certificates Synchronised Between Active/Passive or Active/Active HA Firewalls
How to Recover HA Pair Member from the Suspended State
HA Sync Failure Due to Inconsistent Management Settings
Port flaps observed on previous Active Firewall during HA Failover
Video Tutorial: How to Configure Active-Passive High Availability (HA) on the Palo Alto Networks Firewall
Understanding Preemption with the Configured Device Priority in HA Active/Passive Mode
Cannot Sync from Active to Passive Member in HA Pair
In HA Active/Passive Configuration - SFP+ 10Gb Ports Flap Upon Firewall Swap
After Enabling Active/Passive HA the Network Connectivity is Lost Through the Firewalls
How to disable State Synchronization in HA (Active/Passive)
Continue Page in HA Active/Active VWire (Virtual Wire) Configuration
In an Active/Passive HA Pair, are Existing Sessions Sync-ed When the Passive Device is Added/Rebooted?
How to Control Failover on Active/Passive HA for an Aggregate Interface
HA queue is full (HA-queue-full) alert messages in system logs of active device
How to Track Switch Ports Associated with HA Active/Passive Pair if Physical Access is Not Available
How to reboot Firewalls in High-Availability Mode (Active/Passive)
Active to Passive Configuration Sync Failing for High Availability
Is Session ID the Same on the Active and Passive Devices in an HA Pair
Informational System Log on Passive Firewall: No synching file to peer because local state is not Active
Unable to Achieve Sub-Second Failover Times with BGP for Active-Passive Configuration
How to configure Active/Active HA with a single ISP
What is Synchronized Between Active/Active Peers?
HA pair randomly not in sync after Commit push from Panorama
HA Configuration Out-of-Sync Due to Certificate
What is HA Lite?
When does an HA node go into Suspended state due to Non-Functional loop?
Why are we able to sync Virtual Router config in Active Active firewall even though VR sync is disabled?
HA Sync Failure Due to Inconsistent Management Settings
Information Synchronized in an HA Pair
What is the Admin user Password Change Behavior in HA?
High Availability preempt working behavior when both HA devices have same priority value
Scheduled Dynamic Updates in an HA Environment
Disabling and Re-Enabling HA
Gratuitous ARP in HA Failover
HA3 Link Connectivity Through a Layer 2 Switch?
Passive firewall displays zero session count
How to Upgrade from PAN-OS 8.0.14 or 8.1.5 in HA Mode
How to Configure a High Availability Replacement Device
Layer 3 High Availability with Optimal Failover Times Best Practices
When resetting the id-manager (idmgr) on the HA passive device, does this affect the active device?
High Availability (HA) Between Two Firewall Platforms
Articles related to Crash / Core dump
How to generate and upload a techsupport file using the WebGUI and CLI
How to Upload Core Files Directly to Support
Articles related to Hardware
How to Check Interface Hardware Counters Including Errors
MPO Cable Specification for PAN-PA-QSFP-40GBASE-SR4
How to Detect a Bad Power Supply Unit and Submit a RMA Request
The interface ID on a PA-7000 is different compared with other platforms
How to Save an Entire Configuration for Import into Another Palo Alto Networks Device
PA-220: Why Alarm doesn't get triggered when only one Power Supply is connected?
Hardware Migration from PA2000 to PA3000 or PA5000
Does Palo Alto Networks Firewall Power Supply have Auto-Sensing Capability?
Should Fan tray be returned to Palo Alto Networks once the replacement RMA is completed.
How to confirm if your SFP transceiver is supported by Palo Alto Networks firewall
Fan Light Turns Off After 3 Seconds on a PA 5000 Series Firewall
PA-5200 Series Air Intake Filters
How to Debug/Troubleshoot Power Issues on a PA-7050
How to troubleshoot physical port flap or link down issue
Other Articles
High MP Memory consumption on PA-5200 Series firewall
How to Interpret: show system resources
Slow or Failed Commits
Swap memory of 3200 series firewall is 100% (fully utilized)
Output of 'show running resource-monitor ingress-backlogs' constantly shows as total of 99%
How to Configure LACP
LACP Transmission Rate in Active and Passive Settings
show lacp aggregate-ethernet' has a different key between local and peer interface
Physical port is taken out of aggregate ethernet interface run in LACP auto mode
What is the Significance of Global Counters
PA-VM deployed in AWS with throughput across IPsec tunnel limited to 600 Mbps
'show lacp aggregate-ethernet' has a different key between local and peer interface
Setting a Service Route for Services to Use a Dataplane Interface from the Web UI and CLI
Trigger a Gratuitous ARP (GARP) from a Palo Alto Networks Device
How to Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues on Management Interface?
Commonly Used Processes/Daemons
How to Display Interface MAC Addresses
Incomplete ARP Entry or Firewall Responds to Every ARP Request on the Network
How to check if the device is End of Life(EOL)?
CLI Commands to View Hardware Status

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