How to Generate and Upload a Tech Support File Using the WebGUI and CLI

How to Generate and Upload a Tech Support File Using the WebGUI and CLI

Created On 09/25/18 18:55 PM - Last Modified 06/15/23 16:05 PM


This document shows how to generate and upload a tech support file using the WebGUI or the CLI.


  • Any platform, virtual or physical
  • Some platforms, like the WF-500, may be limited to CLI-only


From the WebGUI:

  1. Go to Device > Support, or on Panorama, Panorama > Support.
  2. Under Tech Support File, Click Generate Tech Support File.
NOTE: The option will not be available if the user has Device Administrator privileges. You need SuperUser privileges to generate a Tech Support File from the Web UI.
  1. Wait for the generation process to complete.
NOTE: You can see the last time the Tech Support file was generated.
  1. When the option appears, Click Download Tech Support File and save the file.
Device > Support, showing you where to generate the Tech Support file from the WebGUI.
PAN-OS view of Device Tab in Tech Support Options           

From the CLI:

  1. Connect to the Palo Alto Networks device through SSH or Telnet.
NOTE: Using a TFTP or SCP server to export the files is necessary.
  1. Enter one of the following commands to generate and export a tech-support file, depending on which type of server is being used:
> tftp export tech-support to <tftp host>
> scp export tech-support to <username@host:path>

Upload the Tech Support File

Upload the Tech Support file to a Palo Alto Networks support case using one of the following methods. A case must be opened with Palo Alto Networks support in order to upload the file.

Method 1: Using the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal
  1. Log in to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal at
  2. Click Support Cases on the left-hand side and Click the Case number for which you want to upload a Tech Support file to:

Palo Alto Networks Support Portal showing where the Support Case option is.

Customer Support Portal Page - Support Cases window

  1. Inside the Case window, click on Case Files > Upload File(s)
Case file


  1. You will see the Upload Files pop up window (Note: Please allow pop-ups to see this window).
Upload files
  1. Drag files into the window or browse and upload the file. Once the upload is completed a brief message of file upload appears.
  2. Repeat attaching the next file if any, click on Done once completed.
  3. The uploaded files are seen in the Case Files tab after some time (5 -10 min).
User-added image
  1. The case comment Section also displays confirmation of file upload
auto case comment


Method 2: Using TAC Upload Service

  1. Go to
  2. Type in the case number, and the email address under which the case was opened, Check the option I'm not a robot to ensure you are not a robot, and then login.

TAC Upload login screen.

  1. Drag and drop a file to the window, or click the Add files to upload it.
Note: Only one file can be selected and uploaded at a time.

User-added image
  1. After the file successfully uploads, an automated notification will be created as a case comment to notify the case owner.

Method 3: Use the CLI to Upload to the TAC Upload Server Directly
scp export tech-support to 

xxxxxxxx will be the case number, including leading zeros. Example:
When prompted, the password will be the email address under which the case was opened.

Questions Asked: 
What does exactly 'Tech support file' contain? Is there all configuration of the device? Is it safe to share it with the PAN support?

The Tech Support file contains your device configuration, system information and some logs (not traffic).
It is completely safe to share with Palo Alto Networks support, as this helps the Support Engineer understand your configuration and can help isolate any issues quicker than without it. All information is kept confidential.

Additional Information

Starting 10.2 you can use the UI to download the Core Files:

Download Core Files

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