How to Debug/Troubleshoot Power Issues on a PA-7050

How to Debug/Troubleshoot Power Issues on a PA-7050

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There are CLI commands on the PA-7050 designed to indicate power issues on the platform. Shown below are the CLI commands and details to check and to detect any power issues:

> show chassis power


Slot       Component            Card Status        Power (w)

1          PA-7000-20G-NPC      Up                 350

2          empty

3          empty

4          PA-7050-SMC          Up                 300

5          empty

6          empty

7          PA-7000-20G-NPC      AdminPowerOff

8          PA-7000-LPC          Up                 300


FANTRAY1   PA-7050-FANTRAY      Present            175

FANTRAY2   PA-7050-FANTRAY      Present            175


PS1        CAR2548FPBCXZ03A     OK                 2500

PS2        CAR2548FPBCXZ03A     OK                 2500

PS3        CAR2548FPBCXZ03A     OK                 2500

PS4        CAR2548FPBCXZ03A     OK                 2500


           Provided:                               10000

           Used:                                   1300

           Remaining:                              8700


In the sample output above, there are 2 NPC (Network Processing Cards) in the chassis. They are Slot 1 and 7. Slot 4 is the Switch Management Card (SMC) or the Management Plane (MP) for the chassis. Slot 8 is the Log Processing Card ( LPC).


The Power Column indicates the value of power consumed and confirms the power inputs to the slots. PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 are the Power Supplies and the status indicates they are OK. Each power supply inputs 2500 watts to the chassis summing up to 10,000 watts to the platform. Shown below, notice that the split up is given for the amount of power used by the chassis (1300 watts):


The show chassis inventory command displays valuable information such as Serial Number of the Slots and Power Supplies.

For example:

> show chassis inventory


Slot       Component            Serial Number   Ports  Revision  Power (w)

           Chassis              009908000234           1.0


1          PA-7000-20G-NPC      002801000429    24     1.0       350

2          empty

3          empty

4          PA-7050-SMC          001301000262    0      1.0       300

5          empty

6          empty

7          PA-7000-20G-NPC      002801000435    24     1.0       350

8          PA-7000-LPC          001401000236    0      1.0       300


FANTRAY1   PA-7050-FANTRAY      011108000282                     175

FANTRAY2   PA-7050-FANTRAY      011108000283                     175


PS1        CAR2548FPBCXZ03A     YB76446                          2500

PS2        CAR2548FPBCXZ03A     YM69111                          2500

PS3        CAR2548FPBCXZ03A     YM69102                          2500

PS4        CAR2548FPBCXZ03A     YM69112                          2500


The show chassis status command provides another validation that a particular card is being powered on and the status is up:

> show chassis status


Chassis autocommit ready : True

Inserted slots           : 1 4 7 8

Powered slots            : 1 4 8


Points to note:

  • Inserted Slots - Indicates that the cards are Inserted properly and there is no disconnects between the Card inserted and the slot.
  • Powered Slots - Indicates the Cards which are being powered rightly.


The show system state command with a match for 'card_status' shows information about the slot cards:

> show system state | match card_status


chassis.s1.card_status: { 'detail': Card is powered on and system software is running, 'status': Up, }


Note: s1 indicates slot 1


The show system state command with a match for 'chassis.summary' will share the state of the chassis. This also shows if the auto commit is completed or not, which indicates the device is booted properly and good to pass traffic as configured.

> show system state | match chassis.summary


chassis.summary: { 'autocommit_completed': True, 'autocommit_ready': True, 'config_done': 0x89, 'config_ready': 0x89, 'inserted': 0xc9, 'lpc_slots': 0x80, 'powered': 0x89, 'pp_enabled': 0x1, 'ppc_slots': 0x41, 'software_ready': True, 'sw_running': 0x89, 'traffic_enabled': 0x89, }


The show system state with a match for 'chassis.leds' allows the user to view the led lights status pertaining to the chassis. The output below indicates a healthy functional unit:

> show system state | match chassis.leds


chassis.leds: { 'alarm': Off, 'fans': Green, 'ha': Off, 'log': Off, 'ps0': Green, 'status': Green, 'temp': Green, }


From the management plane, there can be more references obtained pertaining to the power, fan and related logs. Run the following command to display this information:

> less mp-log chasd.log


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