What is Synchronized Between Active/Active Peers?

What is Synchronized Between Active/Active Peers?

Created On 09/25/18 19:48 PM - Last Modified 06/12/23 14:05 PM


The following list provides items that are synchronized between peers:

Through the HA1 link:

  • Configuration (both devices must be running the same OS version to synchronize configuration)
  • Policy, Objects, and Network Tabs (including VR sync (when not employing dynamic routing protocols), QoS, User-id, and routing info)
  • App-ID and Content-ID (if configured under dynamic updates)
  • URL-Filtering database

Through the HA2 link

  • State Tables
  • Session Tables
  • IPSec SA's
  • Routing Tables
  • Arp Tables

ACC and log data are not synchronized. The session owner will process/write logs. If there is a failure and the peer device takes over a session, the new active peer will take responsibility for logging the active sessions.

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