Resource List: High Availability Configuring and Troubleshooting

Resource List: High Availability Configuring and Troubleshooting

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  • Palo Alto Firewall.
  • Any PAN-OS.
  • High Availability (HA) configuration.


High Availability (HA) is a configuration in which two identical Palo Alto Networks firewalls are placed in a group and their configurations are synchronized to prevent a single point to failure on the assigned network. A heartbeat connection between the firewall peers ensures seamless failover in the event that a peer goes down. Setting up the firewalls in a two-device cluster provides redundancy and allows business continuity.

The following table provides a list of valuable resources on understanding and configuring High Availability:

How to Configure High Availability on PAN-OSHow to Configure High Availability (HA) on a Pair of Identical Palo Alto Networks firewallsDocument
How to Configure a High Availability Replacement DeviceHow to Set up a Replacement (from an RMA device), as a High Availability (HA) PeerDocument
Can you have High Availability (HA) Between Two(2) Different Firewall Platforms? Palo Alto Networks Devices only Support High Availability between two Identical DevicesDocument
PAN-OS Upgrade GuideUpgrade an HA PairDocument
How to Change the Group ID in HA environmentHow to change the Group ID for a pair of Palo Alto Networks devices configured in HADocument
Changing High Availability (HA) Heartbeat IntervalChange the Default Heartbeat TimerDocument
What is the Difference Between Auto and Shutdown Mode for Passive Link?Auto and Shutdown Mode for Passive LinkDocument
Secondary Device in High Availability Active/Active Pair is not Coming upSecondary device in a High Availability Active/Active Pair is Showing a Non-Functional StatusDocument
High Availability SynchronizationTune the Palo Alto Networks firewall’s HA Configuration More EffectivelyDocument
How to Migrate URL Database from BrightCloud to PAN-DB on HA DevicesHow to Migrate the URL Database from BrightCloud to PAN-DB on a HA Pair of Palo Alto Networks DevicesDocument
Mismatch URL Vendor on High Availability PairFailover is Due to the Mismatch of URL Vendor Between the HA Pair of DevicesDocument
Active to Passive Configuration Sync Failing for High AvailabilityActive to Passive Configuration Synchronization is Failing Between the HA Pair of Palo Alto Networks DevicesDocument
Layer 3 High Availability with Optimal Failover Times Best PracticesLayer 3 HA with Optimal Failover Times Best PracticesDocument
How to Enable Encryption on HA1 in High Availability ConfigurationHow to Enable Encryption on HA1 Traffic Between Two Palo Alto Networks FirewallsDocument
A/P High Availability Not Syncing - SSL VPN Cert File - Processing FailedHA-Sync Job on HA Peer FailsDocument
Which Ports Need to be Opened for PAN-OS in HA to Sync & Communicate?Protocols and Ports that a High Availability Pair Will UseDocument
Heartbeat Backup is Enabled on Both Devices but Status is Showing "Down"Heartbeat backup enabled on two devices configured for HA but status on the WebGUI is showing 'down'Document
DHCP Relay in an HA Active/Active SetupDHCP Relay feature is used when the DHCP server is not in the same L2 broadcast domain as the DHCP clientDocument
How to Configure Panorama/Log Collector Combination in HA ModeHow to configure a combination of Panorama and Log Collectors in HA modeDocument
How to Configure Ping Interval/Timeout Settings for HA Path Monitoring Ping interval setting for path monitoring specifies the interval between pings that are sent to the destination addressDocument
How to Recover HA Pair Member from the Suspended StateCLI command to make the suspended device available for the HA pairDocument
How to Control Failover on Active/Passive HA for Aggregate InterfaceHow to control failover on Active/Passive HA for aggregate interfaceDocument
Panorama High availabilityRecommendations for Configuring Hold Timers/Various Interval SettingsBoard
High Availability WeirdnessEntries in the Logs on the (normally active) Device is Showing a Backwards View Board
High Availability with Virtual Wires?In HA do the virtual wires failover?Board
Virtual Routers as High AvailabilityBest way to configure systems to ensure the most availability of the routesBoard

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