DHCP Relay in an HA Active/Active Setup

DHCP Relay in an HA Active/Active Setup

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DHCP Relay is a feature that is used when the DHCP server is not in the same L2 broadcast domain as the DHCP clients.

Note: To configure the DHCP relay on the Palo Alto Networks firewall review the following link: How to Configure a DHCP Relay on Palo Alto Networks Firewall


If on an High Availability Active/Active environment, be aware that only the Active-Primary device will function as a DHCP Relay. If DHCP broadcast packets are received on the Active-Secondary firewall, they will be dropped.


In the pan_packet_diag log, a similar error message will be shown:

Packet received at ingress stage

Packet info: len 346 port 51 interface 266 vsys 3


Packet decoded dump:

L2:     xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx->ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff, VLAN x (), type 0x0800

IP:>, protocol 17

        version 4, ihl 5, tos 0x00, len 328,

        id 23777, frag_off 0x0000, ttl 128, checksum 56516

UDP:    sport 68, dport 67, len 308, checksum 65503

No flow lookup for packet, continue with forwarding

Forwarding lookup, ingress interface 266

L3 mode, virtual-router 4

dhcpd packet

Packet dropped, control plane service not allowed


owner: rvanderveken

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