Resource List: Security Policy Configuring and Troubleshooting

Resource List: Security Policy Configuring and Troubleshooting

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  • Palo Alto Firewall.
  • Any PAN-OS.
  • Security Policies.



Security Policies allow users to control firewall operations by enforcing rules and automatically taking action. Security Policies on the Palo Alto Networks firewalls determine whether to block or allow a new network session based on traffic attributes, such as the source and destination security zones, the source and destination addresses and the application and services.

The following table provides a list of valuable resources on understanding, configuring, and troubleshooting Security Policies:

Security Policy GuidelinesBest Practices for Creating Security PoliciesDocument
Fundamental Guide on Security PoliciesFundamentals of Security PoliciesDocument
How to Add Groups to Security PolicyAdd Group to Security PolicyDocument
Can Local User/Group Database be Used in Security Policies?Manually add to Security PolicyDocument
How to Configure a Security Policy to use a RegionCreating a Security Policy to use region instead of IP addressDocument
How to Tag and Filter Security Policy RulesHow to add tags and filter security policiesDocument
How to View Security Policies from the CLIView Security Policies from the CLIDocument
Security Policies Based on Zone Assignment for VPN InterfacePolicies based on zone assignment for VPN interfaceDocument
How to See Traffic from Default Security Policies in Traffic LogsDescribes traffic hitting default policiesDocument
Creating a Security Policy to Block Selective FlashWrite a Security Policy to block Adobe Flash and allow flashDocument
How to Schedule Policy ActionsSecurity Policies can be set to perform configured actionsDocument
Security Policy to Allow/Deny a Certain ICMP TypeCases where ICMP Type should be allowedDocument
How to Create and View NAT Rules on the CLISample Commands to create Bi-Directional NAT Policy & Inbound Security PolicyDocument
How to Configure Email Notifications for Security Policy ChangesHow to Configure email notifications on Security Policy changesDocument
CLI Listing of all Security PoliciesHow to List All Security Policies from the CLIBoard
Security Policy OrganizationOrganizing Security PoliciesBoard
Security Policy Limit AlarmsHow to Generate TagsBoard
Adding Users to a Security PolicyAdd Users to Security PolicyBoard
Security Policy with URLsCreate a Security Policy with the Destination Address as a URLBoard


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