How to Schedule Policy Actions

How to Schedule Policy Actions

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Policies can be set to perform configured actions on session traffic at scheduled times and days.



  1. On the WebGUI, go to Objects > Schedules then click Add. Choose daily, weekly or non-recurring. To select multiple days during the week, choose weekly, day of week, start time, end time, then add.
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    On the CLI:
    > configure
    # set schedule schedule-block-youtube recurring daily 09:00-18:00
  2. On the WebGUI go to Policies > Security > Security Policy Rule >  Schedule > Actions.
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    On the CLI:
    > config
    # set rulebase security rules block-youtube from L3-Trust to L3-Untrust source any destination any application youtube schedule schedule-block-youtube service any log-end yes action deny
  3. Continue adding each day until the list is complete.
  4. Commit the change.

Note: Sessions begun before the scheduled start time are not affected by the policy if session rematch is not enabled (Device > Setup > Session) AND a manual commit is made.

Commit MUST be ran manually via “commit force” from the CLI, or by adding/modifying something in the policy in order to have the option to commit via the WebGUI.


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