How to Activate Trial Licenses

How to Activate Trial Licenses

Created On 09/27/18 04:54 AM - Last Modified 12/19/22 04:45 AM


Trial licenses are available for various features such as AIOps, DNS Security, GlobalProtect, Advanced Wildfire, and SD WAN. For a current list of available trial licenses, please reach out to your Account Team. 

Note: When activating a purchased license, the trial license for that feature will be overwritten and can no longer be used. 


  • Customer Support Portal (CSP)


You can activate trial licenses in Network Security or Devices pages:

To activate trial licenses in Network Security:

  1. Login to Customer Support Portal with the account which owns the asset. 
  2. Click on Assets > Network Security.

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 11.47.18 AM.png

       3. Find the device, click on the Manage Licenses icon for the device. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 12.18.28 PM.png

4. Click Activate License button, select Activate Trial License, select desired trial licenses, and click Agree and Submit.


  1. To activate trial licenses in Assets > Devices
  1. Find the device where the trial licenses will be applied. Please use either the drop-down or manual scroll option. In this example, we will be searching by the Serial Number.
Drop-down option:

Manual scroll option (located at the bottom of the page):
Screenshot of manual scroll option
  1. When you find the desired device, click on the pencil icon under the Actions column:

  1. Under Activate Licenses, select the Activate Trial License radio button
Activate Trial License radio button
  1. Under Available Trial Licenses, select the desired trial license(s)
Note: This screenshot is solely for example purposes. Trial licenses depicted here may not be an accurate representation of what is available for your device.
  1. Read through the EULA and Support Agreement. If everything complies, click Agree and Submit
  1. Lastly, retrieve the license keys on the device with the trial licenses applied. 
Retrieve license on firewall
Retrieve licenses 2

Additional Information

Note: Trial Licenses cannot be activated on PAYG VM.

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