How to Remove Expired Trial Licenses

How to Remove Expired Trial Licenses

Created On 12/28/23 04:48 AM - Last Modified 02/06/24 17:51 PM


To help users delete expired trial licenses in Customer Support Portal.


Customer Support Portal


After running a trial on a CDSS subscription, e.g., Threat Prevention, you may want to stop displaying the trial license(s) in CSP Licenses & Subscriptions drawer, to declutter your screen.  To remove expired trial licenses: 

  1. Log in to Customer Support Portal

  2. Navigate to “Assets” page

  3. Search for device serial number associated with the ​trial license

  4. Hover over and click “License and Subscription” icon


  5. If an asset has trial licenses, CSP displays "Trial License" under the CDSS license name.  If at least one trial license is expired, CSP displays Delete Expired trial Licenses button.  Select this button to delete all expired trial licenses assigned to this asset.

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This feature to remove display of expired trial licenses is only applicable to the following types of trial subscriptions:

  • Threat Prevention
  • Advanced Threat Prevention
  • URL
  • Advanced URL
  • Wildfire
  • Advanced Wildfire
  • DNS
  • Gateway
  • Portal
  • SD-WAN
This feature excludes the following cloud subscriptions
  • AIOps
  • IOT
  • SaaS Inline
  • DLP

Additional Information

If issues persist or if additional clarification is needed​, please contact support​. Provide any error messages or relevant details to expedite the troubleshooting process.

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