How a Super User Creates a New Customer Support Portal User Account

How a Super User Creates a New Customer Support Portal User Account

Created On 09/25/18 18:07 PM - Last Modified 06/01/23 07:13 AM


A Super User on an account can create a new CSP (Customer Support Portal) user and add this user as a member to the account:

  1. Log into the Customer Support Portal (
  2. Verify the Current Account is correct.  If not, click on the account selector drop down to select the correct account.  Enter the account name to search for an account, if you're a Super User in many accounts.
  3. Click Members > Create New User menu.
  4. Complete Create New User form.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. CSP creates a new user account, and adds the user as a member on the account.  For help on user roles. see Support Portal User Role Matrix.
  7. An email notification is sent to the new user with login credentials.

When a new user is added to an account, it can take several minutes to synchronize the new user's account to all Palo Alto Networks systems.  For example, if the new user cannot open a support case immediately after the user's account is created, ask the user to wait several minutes.  The user will then be able to open the support case. 


Account Registration Link 

A Super User can also generate a link that enables a new user to create a login for an account.

How to Use the Account Registration Link


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