How to Manage Users in Your Account

How to Manage Users in Your Account

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If you are an Account Super User, you can manage all aspects of the account including creating new users, adding and removing existing users or expire a user's membership in your account. You also have an option to export the user list to a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file.

Create a New User 

Users may self register into an account or the Super User may add them.

  • To create a new user, please see instructions here: How to Create a Support User Account for Another User 
  • An email notification is sent to the new user with login credentials.
  • An email will also be sent to the account Super User (s) advising that a new user has been added to the account.

Require Super User Authorization to Add New User

Support Portal  accounts default to requiring Super User  approval to allow new members into an account. Super Users may deselect this option under the Account Details section to remove the feature.   This option is recommended so that;

  • An email will be sent to the account Super User(s) asking to approve the self-registration attempt.
  • The Super User may approve or deny the request and the user and other Super Users will be notified accordingly.


Two Factor Authentication
Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is required for users to log into Palo Alto Networks apps, such as Customer Support Portal (CSP). To increase your security posture, Domain Admins are no longer able to opt-out of 2FA.
Managing Two Factor Authentication (2FA) has been removed from CSP. 
See also Two Factor Authentication for Customer Support Portal


Add User to Account

Follow steps below to add a user to an account.

  • The user must already have a CSP user account.
  • You will need the user's email address.
  • Select the correct account to add the user to.   Use the account switcher if you need to select a different account.
  • Click Members > Manage Users.
  • Click Add User to Account button.
 User-added image
  1. Enter the user's email address and select an expiration date for the login if appropriate as well as the necessary roles for the user.  Click Add User to Account to submit.
    User-added image



Edit an Account Member

  •  Select the correct account .   Use the account switcher if you need to select a different account.
  • Click Members > Manage Users.
  • In the Manage Users screen you will see all of the members on the currently selected account. You can search for a specific member by first or last name or email address. You can use the sort options at the top of each row to display filtered user data.  The three dots on the right hand side allow you to Edit User  or Delete User.  If you choose  Delete User, the user will be removed only from your account.  They will remain active in other accounts in which they are members. 
  User-added image
  • You can modify the activation date, expiration date, role (Standard User is the recommended default role) and description.  For user role definitions see Support Portal User Role Matrix     
  • 2 Factor Authentication cannot be managed via CSP.  2FA has been a requirement to all users on all Palo Alto Networks products. 2FA methods can be configured on
edit user.jpg
  • Click Update User to submit changes. 



Export to CSV

  • To export the list of account users to a CSV (comma separated value) file, click on Export to CSV button. 
User-added image
  • You will be prompted to save the MembershipReport<date>.csv file, or it may download automatically (depending on browser).

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Additional Information

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