How to Use the Account Registration Link

How to Use the Account Registration Link

Created On 09/25/18 18:07 PM - Last Modified 09/08/21 07:38 AM


A registration link can be generated by a Support Portal account Super User and shared with users who need to create a login for access to the account.  The new user will not be required to provide an order summary number or company ID and serial number or auth code to access the account.  The link can be deleted by a Super User after being used, or regenerated to create a new link.

Note: The Account Registration  link will not work if the user's email ID already exists in our SSO (e.g. has Learning Center access).   In this case   Super user of the CSP account you require access to  - must create your membership manually via CSP > Members>Create New user tab

Share the link

You must be a Super User to activate the link. 

  1. Log into the Support Portal
  2. Click  Account Management on the right hand tool bar and then Account Details and look for Account Registration Link.
    User-added image

    User-added image
  3. Copy and paste the generated link into an email to the new user. Note: If there is no link, click the "Generate Link" option to enable the link.
  4. By clicking the link in the email, the new user will access the form to create a new Customer Support Portal account.
  5. The new user will complete the form, select notifications, accept the EULA and Submit to create a login.
  6. An email notification will be sent to the Super User when the new user completes the registration. 


Regenerate a Link

Create a new registration link by clicking Regenerate.

The old link will become inactive and the new link must be used for access. Users will be denied access if attempting to use an old link.


Click Disable to remove a link without regenerating a new one.

The old link will become inactive and users will be denied access if attempting to use it.


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