How to Transfer Licenses to a Spare Device

How to Transfer Licenses to a Spare Device

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Important: Before a license can be transferred, the new serial number of the RMA replacement device must be registered to the customer. Registering adds the new device into the "Spares" pool.


For the latest Panorama procedures to transfer licenses and replace an M-Series appliance, see:

To transfer a device's licenses to a spare:

  1. Login to the Customer Support Portal (
  2. Verify the Current Account is the account which owns the asset.
    1. If not, click on the Change Account link and select the correct account.
  3. Expand the Assets tab.
  4. Click the Spares link.
  5. Click Register New Spare, make the selection, Click submit, and register the serial number of the new spare.
  6. Click the serial number of the spare to receive the licenses.The Device Information window is displayed.
  7. Click the Transfer Licenses button.
    Device information window is displayed with the previous step. Please press the Transfer Licenses button
  8. In the Transfer License window, select the device whose licenses are to be transferred to the spare.
    Transfer License window is currently being displayed. Select the device whose licenses are to be transferred to the spare
  9. Click the Submit button.

 If you do not see the defective serial number in your account, click Can't find defective device? and enter the missing

serial number.  Follow the instructions above to transfer licenses.

Transfer licenses window is displayed. Please press "Can't find defective device" button to help search for the missing serial number



The licenses transfer to the Spare (replacement) device. Retrieve the licenses from the replacement device when it's ready to be used (see How to Configure an RMA Replacement Firewall).


Note: If a license expires prior to the transfer, it will be expired on the replacement. The defective device will be given licenses valid for 30 days from the date of transfer regardless of the status of the license before the transfer. A previously expired license will be valid for 30 days from transfer on the defective unit.


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