How to Transfer Prisma SD-WAN Support License after an RMA

How to Transfer Prisma SD-WAN Support License after an RMA

Created On 11/29/21 23:24 PM - Last Modified 01/22/24 17:19 PM


Provide the necessary steps to transfer a Prisma SD- WAN Support license within the CSP following an RMA replacement. 




When a hardware failure is reported for a Prisma SD-WAN ION device, the replacement unit  will automatically be allocated to the existing tenant during the RMA order transaction and will be available to claim from the Prisma SD-WAN console.   The Support license, however, must be manually transferred from the License Transfer option within the Products > IONs section of the Customer Support Portal (CSP).

The steps to do so are provided below:

Click Products, then IONs on the left hand navigation bar. 

I2 2024-01-22_11-18-08.png

Select the serial number of the defective ION, then click on the License Transfer tab.
License Transfer option is available only if the ION device is associated with a license.
A Spare ION device will not have the
License Transfer option.

I 2024-01-22_11-11-27.png

The serial number and model of the defective device will appear in the Source Device field. Select the correct replacement serial number under Destination Devices > Eligible devices drop down menu. There may be more than one eligible device if there are several replacement units which have not yet had licenses transferred to them.

Subscriptions and add ons are associated with the tenant and not a specific serial number so there is no need to transfer those from the RMA’d unit to the replacement.  

Once Palo Alto Networks receives the return shipment of the defective unit, the tenant will be deallocated from that serial number and the option to transfer the Support license will no longer be available.  Customers may open an Admin case through the Support Cases > Get Help section of the CSP and Customer Service will assist to have the license transferred.

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