RMA Better Replacement : Licensing and Registration process for Customers

RMA Better Replacement : Licensing and Registration process for Customers

Created On 11/17/22 21:40 PM - Last Modified 11/18/22 19:19 PM


  • A Palo Alto Device is eligible for RMA 
  • Due to EOL (End of Life), the device is no longer being manufactured.


  • Palo Alto Devices.
  • RMA replacement.


  1. As EOS (End of Sale) hardware platforms approach EOL (End of Life) and are no longer being manufactured , new inventory for those platforms is no longer available.
  2. Palo Alto Networks now enables better replacement for the next closest model for those models and platforms .
  3. If a device is eligible for better replacement and at the time of RMA creation if there is no Like model available in the RMA depots for the customer’s chosen shipping location, then the customer will receive a better replacement model .
  4. Customers will receive the new serial number for the asset and new authorization codes for all the licenses and subscriptions that are purchased with the original defective model .
  5. Customers will be required to register their new device along with the support and subscription in the Customer Support Portal (same way as it is done with a new purchase) .
  6. In this scenario, there will not be any license transfer needed from the defective device.
Asset Activation:

  License Activation:
 License Activation:

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