How to Activate a Support Account from an Eval Account

How to Activate a Support Account from an Eval Account

Created On 09/25/18 18:07 PM - Last Modified 07/04/23 14:47 PM


How do I activate a Support Account from an eval?


To activate a support account from an Eval, see Step 9 in the following article: How to Create Your Customer Support Portal User Account

Once you make a purchase, convert your Eval account to a production Support account by providing the serial number or auth code and Sales Order or Customer number on the company page. Go to Account Management > Account Details > Eval Account to complete this action.

Screenshot 2023-07-04 164154.jpg

If you purchased a PAYG license from Marketplace and you do not have any other asset with a PANW order, you will need to create a support case to convert your Support account from Eval to Customer account. Only after the conversion can you register your PAYG VM on CSP. 

For a full list of other Support Portal User Documents, see: Customer Support Portal User Documents

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