How to Create an Admin Case from Customer Support Portal

How to Create an Admin Case from Customer Support Portal

Created On 12/11/23 22:53 PM - Last Modified 12/12/23 19:32 PM


The following guide aims to provide step-by-step instructions for each stage of the AdminĀ  Case Creation process facilitating a smoother workflow and help you create a well structured case.


Customer Support Portal


  1. Access the Support Portal at
  2. From the Customer Support Portal, Click on the Create a Case tile on the Home Page
Create a Case
  1. Click on the Create an Administrative Case Tile to resolve non-product issues related to account, inventory, member management, and licensing
Create an Administrative Case
  1. Select the asset you need help with
Asset selection
  1. Continue to fill out the form by describing the problem in detail. Add details of the most recent issue Date/Time and click on the Next button to proceed.
Describe the Issue
  1. Select the Impact Level that best Matches your situation
Indicate the Impact of the Issue
  1. Check the recommended solutions

Recommended solutions to review before

  1. Confirm your preferred contact number and Click on the File a Case button

Confirm your Contact Info

  1. After filing the support case, you will get a confirmation of your case creation. From here, you can attach helpful documents to assist your case resolution or go to the case list to view the status of the Case.
Case has been created for you!

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