Technical support and community resources

Technical support and community resources

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This document provides resources for obtaining support from Palo Alto Networks, and includes how to use the customer support portal, how to manage support cases online, and tips on utilizing the online community.


Customer Support Portal and Case Management

Quick Reference Guide: Welcome to Support

This PDF document includes:

  • How to create your user account on the Customer Support Portal
  • How to register your Palo Alto Networks assets, including products and licenses
  • Links to Online tools, and helpful resources
  • How to escalate your case
  • Global support numbers
How to Open a Case with Technical SupportDetails how to open a support case by Web or phone.  
Support Portal: User Documents

Contains links to articles and videos on how to navigate and utilize the features on the Customer Support Portal

Related: Support Portal FAQs

Supported BrowsersLists the supported web browsers for the Customer Support Portal and the online Palo Alto Networks Community



Palo Alto Networks Community

Community Disclaimer

This is the community disclaimer. If you are a first-time user of the community, please read this brief document.

Related:  Palo Alto Networks Terms of Use

Tour the New Live Community (+video) Overview of the Live Community, how to navigate, search and subscribe to areas inside of the Live Community.
How to Change Your Community Display NameDescribes how to change your display name, or username, on the community

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