How to Open a Support Case and Verify Entitlement

How to Open a Support Case and Verify Entitlement

Created On 09/25/18 18:07 PM - Last Modified 07/08/22 00:12 AM

  • Customer needs to open a support ticket with Palo Alto Networks Support
  • Customer needs to verify which level of support they are currently entitled to

Customer Support Portal


Customers with Platinum, Premium, or Standard Support subscriptions may open a case with Palo Alto Networks Technical Support. If you have this permission, you now have two options available to create a case:

1) In the LIVE Community by using the "Create a Support Case Now" button in the right-hand margin
2) By using the Customer Support Portal (CSP) > Support Case link

Recommended for critical cases - create a Web case, then call support and enter case number in automated system

While these methods are generally the same, the method in LIVE Community requires a multi-account user to choose an account before selecting the device for the case. In the CSP, this is accomplished through the Change Account link. The details for each of these methods are described below.

If you are unable to create a case for any reason, please request Login Assistance.

NOTE: Case Management is not available to customers with Premium Partner Support whose cases are managed by their Authorized Support Centers (ASCs).

Creating a Support Case on LIVE Community using the "Get Help" button

If you have the appropriate permissions and are logged into LIVE Community, you will see the "Get Help Now" button in the right-hand margin of the LIVE Community in the "Customers" section.

Click the "Get Help Now" button to start the process.


If you are a customer with more than one account, you will have to choose the account with which you want to associate the case. Click one of the account names to proceed. If you do not have multiple accounts, you will go directly to the device selection screen.
(In the Support Portal, this is accomplished with the "Change Account" link.)
Screenshot of Account Selection table

Once you have selected the account, you will be taken to the device serial number selection screen. To continue the case creation process, jump to Step 4 in the instructions below.

Creating a Support Case Using the Customer Support Portal (CSP)

Steps to create a new case online

Step 1: Log in to the Customer Support Portal (

Step 2: Click Support Cases
User-added image

Step 3: Click Get Help

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User-added image

Step 5: Review the Suggested Solutions to see if they can help resolve your issue

User-added image

Step 6: Select an Asset or Search for a serial number or tenant ID. Firewall's serial number must be registered to your Support portal account.
User-added image

NOTE: Please review the "Support Type" column in order to verify your entitlement.
User-added image

Step 7: Review your case information and provide any additional details.

Ensure Subject and Description are complete and provide a clear explanation of the issue. 
– Include a Date and Time of the issue (if possible)
– Were there any changes made to the network or was any new traffic introduced?
– Were the devices in question upgraded or downgraded?
– Serial number of the device and its cluster peer
– Any logs, screenshots, or ACC output that can help further analyze the issue
– TechSupport file

– Select Priority: Critical = Network down, High = Partial network outage, Medium = minor or no network impact, Low = query

– Provide a Contact Number

Step 8: Click File A Support Case to move forward with your support case or Cancel if you have found your answer

Upload a File

After your case is created, upload any logs, files, or screenshots that can help clarify the problem.
– Click your case number to open your case.
– Move to Case Files at the bottom and select Upload File(s).
Screenshot of area to upload case files

Click the add icon (+) to browse and upload your file

Screenshot of area to browse and upload files with orange box around Add Icon

Select Open, then select the upload file icon.

Screenshot of area to upload file icon with orange box around icon


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Contact Us by Phone
We recommend creating a case online. The case will automatically be routed to the next available Technical Support Engineer or Customer Service Representative to contact you. If you wish to call, visit the Contact Support page for a phone number in your region.

NOTE: If you create a case over the phone, the automated system will require the serial number of your product.

A Technical Support Engineer will troubleshoot your issue and remain with the case until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction. You can view your case at in the Customer Support Portal ( > Case Management > View Cases.

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