How to remove all logs and restore the default configuration

How to remove all logs and restore the default configuration

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In the PAN-OS CLI, use the request system private-data-reset command to remove all logs and restore the default configuration.

> request system private-data-reset

Executing this command will remove all logs and configuration will revert back to factory defaults. The system will restart and then reset the data.

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It is advised to export a copy of config snapshot before doing this. After running the command, confirm to proceed. The firewall will reboot to initialize the system and erase the running configuration.


Note: The request system private-data-reset command will not perform the same actions as a factory reset of the device from Maintenance Mode. Private-data-reset will not do a zero-ization of the data and will not erase the system disks. Performing a bit-level recovery procedure can still retrieve the data from the device.

Also, all the content packages installed will remain with the same PAN-OS, but all the logs and saved configurations on the firewall will be cleared.


See Also

To export the current config, refer to How to Save an Entire Configuration for Import into Another Palo Alto Networks Device.

For instructions on how to Factory Reset a firewall see, How to Factory Reset a Palo Alto Networks Device.


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