How to uninstall GlobalProtect without user intervention?

How to uninstall GlobalProtect without user intervention?

Created On 10/05/20 02:13 AM - Last Modified 10/30/20 09:19 AM

GlobalProtect app can be uninstalled without user intervention. It can be done either using a script or via Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO).

  • Windows OS
  • Active Directory environment
  • GlobalProtect App 4.0+

We're able to use either of the two msiexec commands shown below to silently uninstall GlobalProtect app:

Note: These commands must be ran with administrator privileges, otherwise they'll fail. 
> msiexec /uninstall %userprofile%\Downloads\GlobalProtect64.msi /qn
> msiexec /uninstall %userprofile%\Downloads\GlobalProtect64.msi /quiet


Additional Information
For additional information regarding the removal of the GlobalProtect App using scripts within a Windows environment, please refer to the following document: Using Active Directory GPO to Install the GlobalProtect Client

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