GlobalProtect Agent (App) Directory Structure on Apple MacOS

GlobalProtect Agent (App) Directory Structure on Apple MacOS

Created On 11/09/19 00:11 AM - Last Modified 05/21/21 22:42 PM

  • Apple MacOS
  • GlobalProtect Agent (App) on MacOS

  • GlobalProtect Agent (App) important files are stored under following directories on MacOS:
  1. PanGPS    (GP Service executable)
  2. PanGpHip & PangGpHipMP (GP HIP data collection executables) 
  3. (script to collect GP Support logs
  4. etc.
  1. GlobalProtect (PanGPA executable equivalent on MacOS)
    /Library/Application Support/PaloAltoNetworks/GlobalProtect/
    1. PanPPAC_*.dat  (Portal Prelogon Authentication Cookie)
    /Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/PaloAltoNetworks/GlobalProtect/
    1. HIP_*.dat (Host Information Profile data files; e.g. HIP_AM_Report_v4.dat)
    2. PanPortalCfg_*.dat (Portal Configuration data file)
    3. PanPUAC_*.dat (Portal User Authentication Cookie)
    4. etc.
    1. PanGPS.log (PanGPS log file)
    2. PanGpHip.log & PanGpHipMp.log (PanGpHip and PanGpHipMp log files)
    3. PanGPInstall.log (GP .pkg install log file)
    4. etc.
    1. PanGPA.log (PanGPA/GlobalProtect log file)

    (GP Collect log files)

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