View and Install GlobalProtect through the CLI

View and Install GlobalProtect through the CLI

Created On 09/26/18 13:55 PM - Last Modified 02/07/19 23:43 PM


This document describes how to view and install GlobalProtect software on firewall through CLI. You are not installing the GlobalProtect software on a client machine, you are preparing the firewall to have the following software available to clients connecting to this firewall acting as a GlobalProtect Portal.



To display a list of available Global protect clients, use the following command from the firewall CLI:

> request global-protect-client software info


This command will display the list of available and downloaded software, as shown below:

Version Size Released on Downloaded
3.0.0 31MB 2016/02/16 08:09:25 no
2.3.4 30MB 2016/02/03 09:19:41 no
2.3.3 29MB 2015/11/13 10:23:27 no
2.3.2 29MB 2015/09/21 10:26:27 no
2.3.1 29MB 2015/08/03 11:24:24 no
2.3.0 29MB 2015/06/29 15:13:27 no
2.2.2 29MB 2015/07/10 15:07:32 no
2.2.1 29MB 2015/05/17 10:43:49 no
2.2.0 29MB 2015/03/26 10:18:51 no
2.1.4 29MB 2015/05/19 05:57:00 no


If the desired Global protect client version is not listed, the list of available PANOS can be retrieved with the following command:

> request global-protect-client software check


If the desired Global protect client version version has not been marked as downloaded, download it first:

> request global-protect-client software download version 2.3.2


Use the following command to install the Global protect client version:

> request global-protect-client software activate version 2.3.2



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