List of some useful SNMP OIDs to monitor Palo Alto Networks firewalls

List of some useful SNMP OIDs to monitor Palo Alto Networks firewalls

Created On 11/17/20 23:19 PM - Last Modified 11/17/20 23:49 PM

All Palo Alto firewalls

NameOIDSource MIBDescription
panTrafficTrap. traffic event trap
panThreatTrap. threat/URL event trap
panHipMatchTrap. Hipmatch event trap
panAuthTrap. Authentication event trap
panCryptoCertExpiryTrap. expired
panCryptoMkeyExpiryTrap. key expired
panCryptoPrivateKeyExportTrap. key exported
panGeneralGeneralTrap. system event
panGeneralSystemShutdownTrap. shutdown
panGeneralAuthFailTrap. attempt failure
panHAStateChangeTrap. device has changed states
panHADataplaneDownTrap. has detected a dataplane down
panHAPathMonitorDownTrap. monitored path down
panROUTINGRoutedBGPPeerEnterEstablishedTrap. peer session enters established state
panROUTINGRoutedBGPPeerFailedTrap. peer session has failed and may restart
panROUTINGRoutedBGPPeerRestartedTrap. graceful-restart with a BGP peer
panROUTINGRoutedBGPPeerRestartFailedTrap1. 2.0.1535PAN-TRAPSGraceful-restart with a BGP peer failed
panROUTINGRoutedBGPRefreshSentTrap. REFRESH message sent to a BGP peer
panROUTINGRoutedBGPRibinRecalcTrap. RIB-In is being recalculated as a result of changed import policy
panHWPsFailureTrap. .2.0.913PAN-TRAPSPower supply failure
panHWFanFailureTrap. .2.0.913PAN-TRAPSFan failure

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