How to reset your Password for the Customer Support Portal

How to reset your Password for the Customer Support Portal

Created On 08/13/20 18:59 PM - Last Modified 05/03/24 00:29 AM


To request a password reset for your Support Portal login, please follow the below steps:



  1. Access the Support Portal at

  2. Click Sign In in the top right hand corner of the Support page, or click the blue Go to the portal button in the lower left hand section of the page.

SSO password reset_4.PNG

  1. Click Need help signing in? and select Forgot Password?

  SSO password reset_1.PNG


  1. Enter your SSO email address and select Reset via Email

  SSO password reset_3.PNG
  1. A password reset link is sent to your email address

SSO password reset_2.PNG

     6. Click the password reset link provided in the email



  1. Enter your new desired password in the New password field, and confirm the password in the Repeat password field


    NOTE: Be sure to follow the password requirements (minimum of 11 characters in length; password must contain 3 of the following: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, symbol; your password cannot be any of your last 10 passwords; at least 1 day (s) must have elapsed since you last changed your password.)

    For more information on our Password Policy for Palo Alto Networks SSO, visit this article.

  2. Click Reset Password


  1. Revisit and login using your username and newly reset password


Additional Information

  • The password reset link is only valid for 1 hour.

Upon clicking the link, if you discover that it is no longer valid just click the blue here link within the displayed message. This will resend a newer link to your email.


If you encounter any issues with the link and still unable to access, please Contact Support .
IMPORTANT:  for security reasons we accept password reset requests directly from the affected users only
If your colleague needs a password reset :     have them contact Support directly via the above form and Support will assist them directly.





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