Best Practice Guide for Data Collection while opening a Palo Alto Networks TAC Support Case for Prisma Cloud and Compute

Best Practice Guide for Data Collection while opening a Palo Alto Networks TAC Support Case for Prisma Cloud and Compute

Created On 12/29/21 16:17 PM - Last Modified 01/20/22 07:11 AM

  • What Information or Data to Collect for Prisma Cloud and Compute before opening a Palo Alto Networks TAC Support Case?

  • Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition (SaaS)
  • Prisma Cloud Compute Edition (Self-Hosted)


Note : Apply N/A wherever necessary

I. Issue Details

  1. Elaborate the Issue: 
  2. Is this a Break-fix Issue or Guidance/Consultation (How to) needed on a feature?:
  3. Is this a Feature Request?:
  4. Expected Behaviour:
  5. Observed Behaviour:
  6. Elaborate the Operational Impact:
  7. Elaborate the Business Impact:
  8. Exact Timestamp (Date and Time along with timezone) of occurrence:
  9. Issue Persists or One-time Occurrence?:
  10. Issue observed for All users or Specific users?:
  11. New Configuration Deployment or Existing?:
  12. If Existing, any changes made recently which could have caused this?:
  13. Issue observed in a Particular Environment? (Eg. Prod, Test): 
  14. Any Public document or URL referred for this issue? If yes, link: 
  15. Any Third-Party Vendors or Resources involved?:

II. Environment Specifics

  1. Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition (SaaS) or Compute Edition (Self-Hosted)?: 
  2. If Compute issue on SaaS Platform, what is the Console Path?:
  3. Prisma Cloud URL (eg. 
  4. Console and Defender Version: (if Self-Hosted): 
  5. Are the Console and Defender Versions Supported by Prisma Cloud or End of Life (EOL)? To confirm whether the Version is Supported or EOL, refer: Support Lifecycle
  6. Cloud Platform (eg. AWS): 
  7. Host OS:
  8. Docker Version:
  9. Runtime (Kube, CRI-O, ContainerD, and etc):
  10. Have you recently upgraded? If so, from which version?
  11. If hosted on Private Cloud (e.g. OpenShift), what is the Platform and Version?

III. Logs (Attach to Case)

      1. Issue Indicators
  • Configuration Screenshots from Prisma Cloud Console surrounding the issue. 
  • Console/CLI screenshots of Error Messages (or otherwise) that highlight the issue.
      2. HAR File      
      3. Console and Defender Debug Logs
  • Console and Defender emit logs as they run.
  • These logs, also known as debug data, are designed to help troubleshoot operational and connectivity issues (Eg. Connectivity issues between Defender and Console etc.)
  • To Generate them, Refer the following: Debug data

NoteWhen downloading the Debug Logs, it is essential to provide the complete Tarball (Tar archive) as it includes the Full Db Dump (including Defender logs).

If Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition (SaaS) Console:

Console Logs

User-added image

Defender Logs

User-added image

If Prisma Cloud Compute Edition (Self-Hosted) Console:

Console and Debug Logs

User-added image

Defender Logs

User-added image

Additional Information

I. TAC and Customer Success (CS) Scope of Work

  • TAC is a break-fix organisation whose scope of assistance involves troubleshooting break-fix issues, product related bugs etc.
  • On the other hand, Customer Success (CS) Team's scope of assistance involves guidance/consultation on existing feature (how to), onboarding, new feature requests etc. 
  • Depending upon the nature of the issue or request, TAC team may redirect your case to the CS team for the next available CS engineer to assist you.
  • As per Palo Alto Networks Support process, for any Support Case moved to CS Team, the Severity of the Case will be set to "Low" by default : Customer Support Plan
  • For any concerns with regards to the Case Severity, feel free to discuss with the Customer Success Engineer.

II. New Problem Statement (Issue or Query)
  • All Support Cases handled within Palo Alto Networks follow a 'Single Issue/Query per Case' policy for optimal tracking.
  • Since every problem statement may involve its own line of troubleshooting and investigation, the resolution steps (updated during case closure for future reference) are bound to vary on case-to-case basis. 
  • Hence, TAC/CS team may open a New case on your behalf, or request you to open a New case for a problem statement that is different than the original case.

III. Third-party Support
  • Assistance on any Third-Party vendor products or tools (eg. AWS, GCP, Azure etc.) falls outside our Support Scope and shall be provided on best efforts basis only.
  • Since Third-Party vendor specific TAC team (eg. AWS Support TAC) would be more suitable and technically aligned to troubleshoot their product, along with additional access to their database, It is strongly advised to reach out to them for any assistance on their product.


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