Playbook Tasks Automatically Put into Quiet Mode

Playbook Tasks Automatically Put into Quiet Mode

Created On 04/07/21 11:17 AM - Last Modified 07/20/22 15:19 PM


You experience playbooks executing slowly and/or memory spikes.


Playbook tasks larger than 250 KB might slow down playbook execution and/or cause memory spikes. This might be due to playbook tasks storing a large amount of data to task inputs and outputs. For tasks of this size, Quiet Mode is automatically turned on.

NOTE: In Quiet Mode, inputs and outputs are not displayed but are still written to context.


  • Check playbooks for inefficient tasks

Additional Information

If you want to prevent tasks larger than 250 KB from automatically being put into Quiet Mode, set the server configuration to false.

If you want to change the auto-Quiet Mode size threshold for playbook tasks, increase the value (in bytes) of the task.size.limit.bytes server configuration. Be sure to set a value larger than 250000.


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