Why is running the BPA tool essential?

Why is running the BPA tool essential?

Created On 10/25/19 00:54 AM - Last Modified 01/03/24 16:48 PM


Why is running the BPA tool essential?


Palo Alto Network's ability to perform Log Analysis and Intelligence Research will be diminished if a system does not meet minimum security configuration requirements. Completing a BPA helps ensure your deployment is configured in accordance with best practices and the appropriate data logging is captured to assist with analysis and Intelligence Research in the event an issue occurs. Regular BPA scans can be leveraged to provide your administrative team actionable details to address deficiencies.

In order to receive Security Assurance assistance you must ensure you have run the BPA within the last 90 days and achieved a score which meets or exceeds your industry's minimum security thresholds.

Previously, you used Customer Support Portal to run the BPA.  After July 17, 2023, generate BPA Assessment reports with the AIOPs for NGFW tool.  To learn how to use AIOps for NGFW tool to run BPAs, go to Get Started with AIOps for NGFW.

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