Update to Notifications in CSP

Update to Notifications in CSP

Created On 09/25/19 00:12 AM - Last Updated 09/26/19 23:56 PM



The Customer Support Portal's notification system has been updated to provide additional functionality and ease-of-use in responding to certain notification types.

The updates to CSP notifications include the following:
  1. A much easier to read list of notifications with a more visible area
  2. The addition of two new notification types:
    • Assets
      • Device transfers
      • License transfers
      • VM-ELA token grants
    • Members
      • Account access requests
  3. The ability to view notifications in a single, consolidated list or filtered by a single notification type
  4. Distinguish between read and unread notifications
  5. The option of responding to a notification requiring action (e.g. accept or reject)
  6. Indication of completion for notifications requiring an action (where applicable)

Customer Support Portal (CSP)


The New CSP Notification Panel

Customer Support Portal Notifications web interface

Read and Unread Notifications

A gray background indicates that the notification has not been read; whereas, a white background indicates that the notification has been read. In Figure 1, the first notification is new and unread while the second has been read but still requires action.
Figure 1. Viewing all notifications, read and unread
Viewing all notifications, read and unread

Responding to a Notification

Asset and Member notifications can be addressed directly from the notification panel. Actions such as approving or rejecting license and asset transfers (for assets) and approving or rejecting account access requests (for members) is a now a quick process.
Figure 2.  A notification requiring a response
A notification requiring a response
Figure 3.  Action taken on a notification
Action taken on a notification

NOTE: The traditional method of responding to these notifications can still be accomplished by navigating to the applicable areas within the Customer Support Portal. When doing so, the status of those notifications will be reflected in the notification panel.


Completed/Done Notification Requests

Notifications that have been addressed remain visible in the notification panel, for reference, but are moved to the bottom of the list.
Figure 4.  Pending and completed notifications
User-added image

Additional Information

What Hasn't Changed

The following features and functionality has not changed with this update:
  1. Notification panel
    • Accessed by clicking on the notification (bell) icon as before
  2. Notification badge indicator
    • Shows the number of unread notifications and is inclusive of all notifications regardless of type
  3. Email
    • Auto-generated email included in the affected process are unchanged
  4. Process flows
    • All process related to the update are unaffected


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