Best Practice Assessments (BPA) to increase network security

Best Practice Assessments (BPA) to increase network security

Created On 11/19/18 10:24 AM - Last Modified 01/03/24 16:45 PM


Best Practice Assessment Tool - Go to Hub and Activate AIOps for NGFW.  It's free to use.

A Palo Alto Networks assessment tool, called Best Practice Assessment (BPA), evaluates your security posture against best practices and prioritizes security improvements for your devices.

Security best practices prevent known and unknown threats, reduce the attack surface, and provides visibility into traffic, so you can know and control which applications, users, and content are on your network.  Additionally, best practices include checks for the Center for Internet Security’s Critical Security Controls (CSC).  See best practices guidance to bolster security posture and implement improvements.

Previously, you used Customer Support Portal to run the BPA.  After July 17, 2023, generate BPA Assessment reports with the AIOPs for NGFW tool.  To learn how to use AIOps for NGFW tool to run BPAs, go to Get Started with AIOps for NGFW.

Additional Information

If you have questions on the BPA tool, please contact the BPA team at

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