Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: GlobalProtect Portal Client Config on Transparent Mode - Agents are Not Upgrading Automatically

GlobalProtect Portal Client Config on Transparent Mode - Agents are Not Upgrading Automatically

Created On 10/11/19 22:06 PM - Last Updated 10/11/19 22:39 PM
Portal VPNs 8.1 8.0 7.1 9.0 GlobalProtect


Agents are not upgrading automatically, even if portal client config is set to auto update users in transparent mode.


Transparent mode is enabled with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Network > GlobalProtect > Gateway Config > Agent
  2. In the Agent Configuration section, select Transparent mode for Client Upgrade

Client Upgrade modes:

  • Prompt - This mode prompts the client to update after configuration changes.
  • Transparent - This mode performs the upgrade silently without a user prompt.



Ensure that the user is not expecting the upgrade process to happen before the GlobalProtect client is connected to their network. This upgrade will not take place until after the connection to its network has been made to avoid loss of productivity for the end user. After the connection has been established, it will then begin the task of downloading the upgrade automatically and transparently in the background. After the installation of the new version, the connection may drop and reconnect to establish the connection with the new client version. Also, verify if users are experiencing high traffic in their network. If there is a high traffic situation, some clients could fail to download the package. GlobalProtect will delay the task by a randomly determined interval (1 to 30 minutes). There is no guarantee that every download will succeed the first time, but it will succeed eventually.


The automatic update also depends on what previous version was installed. If it is an older version, some existing information may have not been carried forward.

Note: After GlobalProtect Agent 2.0.1, the existing value could be carried forward and there is no need for manual updating.


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