Website Added to the Whitelist Does Not Load Completely

Website Added to the Whitelist Does Not Load Completely

Created On 09/26/18 13:49 PM - Last Modified 02/07/19 23:46 PM



A website is added to the whitelist on the Palo Alto Networks firewall. However, when navigating to the website on a web browser, the page displays only partial content.



The issue may be due to the dependency, within the web page, on content from sites in the blocked list.



To whitelist any website add the URL using the following format:





For example:

To add to the whitelist, use the following format:



For this scenario, assume that all other sites are in the blocked category. Open with a browser (Chrome is used for this example). The page shows only partial content because the page calls for content from websites in the blocked category.



Check the whitelisted web page for content references to other sites. Then, add those sites to the whitelist.


For example, using the Chrome browser with

  1. Right click on web-page and click on Inspect content.
  2. Click on Network tab.
  3. Reload the page.
  4. Then, click on Network tab again.


The display shows the sites where the page is requesting content. Add these sites to the whitelist:





After adding the referenced sites, should fully load as expected.


owner: hshah

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