Troubleshooting SSL Certificates in PAN-OS

Troubleshooting SSL Certificates in PAN-OS

Created On 09/25/18 19:52 PM - Last Updated 04/20/20 22:37 PM



SSL Certificates are used to provide trust, authentication, and secure communications between clients and servers. A signed certificate is trusted only if it is signed by a trusted root Certificate Authority (CA). A trusted certificate provides authentication when there is a match between the name within the certificate and the intended destination.

This document covers troubleshooting tips for general SSL certificates and the most common issues with certificates. The usage of SSL Certificates for the following Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS features are also described:

  • GlobalProtect – For GlobalProtect Portal and GlobalProtect Gateway
  • SSL Decryption – For interception and pass-through of SSL traffic
  • Captive Portal – For server authentication

Links to useful articles in the Palo Alto Networks Support Knowledge Base are provided at the end of the document.

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