Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: CLI Commands to Troubleshoot DHCP

CLI Commands to Troubleshoot DHCP

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This document describes useful commands for verifying and troubleshooting DHCP.



To display and clear DHCP leases:

>show dhcp server lease all ( or specify interface)

interface: ethernet1/4
ip               mac                state      duration   lease_time
interface: ethernet1/10
ip               mac                state      duration   lease_time   00:18:8b:b2:1b:b6 committed  0 Mon Dec 14 08:43:10 2009   00:14:22:d8:c0:c0 reserved


To clear all DHCP leases:

>clear dhcp lease all (or specify interface)


To view the log history:

>less mp-log pan_dhcpd.log
Feb 19 15:50:02 pan_sys_init(pan_sys.c:279): /usr/local/bin/dhcpd
Feb 19 15:50:02
****************************** STARTING DHCPD******************************
Feb 19 15:50:02 pan_dhcp_load_all_leases(pan_dhcp_db.c:223): load leases from ..
. /opt/pancfg/cache/pan/dhcp.db
Feb 19 15:50:03 pan_dhcp_load_leases_v1(pan_dhcp_db.c:200): read interface 25 ac
tion add 00:18:8b:b2:1b:b6 --> lease 1260808990 duration 0
Feb 19 15:50:04 Error: pan_cfgagent_write_sysd_boolean_sync(pan_cfgagent.c:99):
sync modify <sw.mgmt.runtime.clients.dhcpd.register> failed: NO_MATCHES
Feb 19 15:50:04 Error: pan_cfgagent_enable(pan_cfgagent.c:734): failed to regist
er config agent with management server
Feb 19 15:50:04 Warning: pan_dhcpd_cfgagent_initial_config_callback(pan_dhcpd_cf
g.c:735): Unable to enable cfgagent, try again later


To view the real-time log:

>tail follow yes mp-log pan_dhcpd.log
Mar 02 22:49:11 pan_dhcpd_cfg_phase2_callback(pan_dhcpd_cfg.c:267): start phase2
Mar 02 22:49:11 pan_dhcpd_cfg_phase2_callback(pan_dhcpd_cfg.c:278): no cfg
Mar 03 01:52:21 pan_dhcpd_if_callback(pan_dhcpd.c:265): receive from
Mar 03 01:52:21 pan_dhcp_handle_packet(pan_dhcp.c:85): receive packet on interface 25 length 300


To create a packet-capture of dhcp packets:

> debug dhcpd pcap on

> debug dhcpd pcap show

  feature dhcp, vr_id 0, output_file /opt/pan/.debug/pcap/dhcp-vr-0.pcap, max_size 1000000, cur_size 24 bytes, rollover 0 times

  --- pcap file ---

  -rw-rw-rw- 1 root root 24 May 22 10:18 dhcp-vr-0.pcap

> debug dhcp pcap off

> debug dhcp pcap view


To export a dhcp packet-capture (for example):

> scp export debug-pcap from dhcp-vr-0.pcap to user@scp-server:/path

> debug dhcpd pcap vie


To review DHCP lease logs and server messages:

> show log system subtype equal dhcp direction equal backward



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