How to Restart the Management server "mgmtsrvr" Process - WebGUI

How to Restart the Management server "mgmtsrvr" Process - WebGUI

Created On 09/25/18 19:36 PM - Last Modified 08/12/20 16:29 PM

  • The WebGUI is sluggish or unresponsive
  • Stale admin sessions are being displayed 
  • An authorization code has been entered but not activated or updated for a license
  • Logs not showing in the WebGUI
  • The CLI command show system resources displays the mgmtsrvr process consuming excessive memory

  • PAN-OS


To resolve these issues, the management server process can be restarted.

Note: Typically restarting the management server process is non-impacting. However, it is always encouraged to perform during non-peak hours or during a maintenance window.

Use the following steps to restart the Management server process:

  1. Enter the CLI command:
PAN-OS 6.1 and below
VM-6.1> debug software restart management-server

PAN-OS 7.0 and above

VM-7.0> debug software restart process management-server

Note: This restarts the 'mgmtsrvr' process, if there are any logged in admins when this happens, they will be kicked from the WebGUI as well as the CLI.

  1.  After a couple of minutes, please log back into the CLI
  2. Check the Management server process, by running the CLI command show system resources | match mgmtsrvr
> show system resources | match mgmt
2140       20   0  708m 484m 9828 S    2 12.9   8:13.06 mgmtsrvr
This should show it using far less memory now than before. The WebGUI should now function correctly.

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