How to Transfer Device or Spare Ownership

How to Transfer Device or Spare Ownership

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Transfer Device to Different Account

Transferring device ownership transfers the device from one Customer Support Account to another Customer Support Account. This process does not legally transfer ownership of the device from one Company to another Company.

To legally transfer the device from one Company to another Company, please refer to the Secondary Market Policy -

You can transfer a device to another Customer Support Account in Network Security or Devices.

To transfer a device using Network Security

  1. Login to Customer Support Portal with the account which owns the asset. 
  2. Click on Assets > Network Security.

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        3. Find the device, click on the Transfer Asset icon for the device.

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       4. To transfer to a user, enter the user's email address. 
       5.  If this account is an ASC account, CSP gives you the option of selecting a destination account.
       6.  If an asset to be transferred is associated with logging storage, user will confirm removal of logging service.
       7.  Click Submit Transfer button.

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If you transfer an asset to a user email address, the user can accept (or reject) the asset in his/her accounts.  If you transfer an asset from an ASC account to another account, the transfer completes automatically; there is no need to accept the asset.

          8. If accept or reject transfer of a device, go to Account Actions > Incoming Transfers.

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9. CSP displays a list of incoming devices.  Hover to the right of a device to accept or reject the device.

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 1.09.20 PM.png

10. If the transferred device is accepted, CSP displays the device at the top of Network Security asset table. 


To transfer a device using Devices

To transfer a device or spare to another CSP account:

  1. Log into the Customer Support Portal (
  2. Verify the Current Account is the account owning the asset. If not, click the Change Account link and select the correct account.
  3. Click Assets.
  4. Click the Devices or Spares link.
  5. Click the serial number of the device to be transferred. The Device Information window is displayed.
  6. Click Transfer Ownership.
    transfer ownership.png
  7. In the Device Transfer window, enter the email of the user to receive the device.  Note: Only ASC (Authorized Support Center) Partners will have the option to select the Support Account.   
    destination mail.pngsub-account.png
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Refer to How to Accept/Reject the Transfer of a Device for instructions.

Note:  If there is a Cortex Data Lake subscription attached to the serial number, a pop-up screen will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to remove the logging storage prior to completing the transfer.  When you confirm, the authorization code associated with that serial number will be removed from the database and the transfer will be completed as requested. 
User-added image
If the device has any cloud/tenant-based licenses (such as IOT, DLP, SAAS Inline) there would be no transfer option.

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