How to Use Bulk Transfer Option

How to Use Bulk Transfer Option

Created On 02/21/19 23:00 PM - Last Modified 07/02/21 14:05 PM

The article explains the steps to transfer devices from one account to another.

  • Support Portal.
  • Bulk Transfer of devices to another account.

Bulk Device Transfer is:
  • Available only to Super Users
  • Super User must be a Super User in the recipient account
  • No transfer acceptance is needed in the recipient account
  • Can be used for both hardware and VM platforms.  
  • If there are hardware Enterprise License or Support Agreements or Site Licenses they must be the same for both accounts.  
  • Not allowed for VM ELAs/ESAs.
There are 4 steps to bulk transfer devices.
  1. Login to Support Portal, Click Assets > Devices > Bulk Device Transfer
  1. Select Eligible Devices by  individual serial numbers, all serial numbers or search by serial number, model name, group, device tag or VM Auth code.
  1. Select Recipient Account 
  1. Confirm the Device Transfer

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