How to Accept/Reject the Transfer of a Device

How to Accept/Reject the Transfer of a Device

Created On 09/25/18 18:07 PM - Last Modified 10/28/19 14:06 PM


You have received an email notifying you a device is being transferred to you.


To accept/reject the transfer:

  1. Login to the Customer Support Portal (
  2. Verify the Current Account is the account which will be receiving the device transfer.
    1. If not, click on the Change Account link and select the correct account.
  3. Click on the Assets tab.
  4. Click on the Review Pending Device Transfers button.
    review pending device transfer.png
  5. In the Review Device Transfers window, find the appropriate device and click the Accept or Reject button.
    agree and accept transfer.png
  6. If you Accept, the device is added to the account and can be seen in the device table.
  7. If you Reject, the device stays in its current account and the message Transfer Rejected is displayed in the device table.

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