How to Change the FQDN Refresh Timers

How to Change the FQDN Refresh Timers

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FQDN refresh timers are used to check the mapping between an IP address and a fully-qualified domain name.

By default, Palo Alto Networks devices perform this check every 30 minutes.



The FQDN refresh timers can be configured from the CLI only, with the following commands:

> configure

# set deviceconfig system fqdn-refresh-time <1800-14399>

# commit


Beginning in PAN-OS 6.1, the fqdn-refresh time down can be reduced to 10 minutes, although the default refresh time would still be 30 minutes.

> configure

# set deviceconfig system fqdn-refresh-time <600-14399> (in seconds)

# commit


For example, while running PAN-OS 6.1, the following output shows that the refresh happened in ten minutes.



On all PAN-OS versions, the FQDN refresh time change can be verified with the show jobs all command. The following output example shows the FQDN refresh time set to 1 hour:

>show jobs all


Enqueued                     ID             Type    Status Result Completed


2013/05/13 15:49:16          11      FqdnRefresh       FIN     OK 15:49:16

2013/05/13 14:49:13          10      FqdnRefresh       FIN     OK 14:49:14

2013/05/13 13:49:10           9      FqdnRefresh       FIN     OK 13:49:11


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