How to Verify PAN-OS IP Region Mapping

How to Verify PAN-OS IP Region Mapping

Created On 09/25/18 17:39 PM - Last Modified 04/06/20 22:03 PM


PAN-OS performs IP Address Region (Country) Mapping through an internal database which is updated weekly via content updates.  In some instances, an incorrect geographical categorization based on source or destination country can be erroneous.

In those instances it may be necessary to verify what the Palo Alto Networks device database shows for the country. The source or destination country of a particular address can be confirmed by running the following command from the CLI on the device.


CLI Command Examples:

> show location ip
United States

> show location ip

> show location ip


If there is any descrepency between what shows in the logs/CLI and what is reality, please contact Palo Alto Networks Support to have this issue addressed.


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Additional Information
  • IP addresses blocks for each country can be found here
  • Note: The link referenced above is a 3rd party link not owned or maintained by Palo Alto Networks.

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