Bulk Registration User Guide

Bulk Registration User Guide

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Bulk Registration allows customers to register and activate authorization codes for 10 devices at once in the Support Portal by retrieving information from sales orders.  Authorization codes can also be bulk registered on devices previously registered in the Support Portal.   Default asset values can be set (Device Name, Device Tag, and Location etc).  Upon submission, a batch process will run and devices and authorization codes will appear under the Assets tab within a few minutes.  


This feature introduces:


                      Bulk Registration user role, which will be assigned by the account Super User.**

                      Bulk Registration Support Portal link, only visible to users assigned the Bulk Registration role. 

**Bulk Registration user role is not available to EVAL Support Portal Accounts.

One platform model (10 devices)  may be registered at a time.  Only hardware platforms and Panorama may be registered. Enterprise License Agreements (ELA/ESA) are also supported. VM and SaaS platforms are not supported.  


Bulk Registration Steps


  1. Super User assigns Bulk Registration user
  2. Add assets from existing orders.
  3. Select devices and applicable authorization codes.
  4. Customize default asset values.
  5. Review and edit the registration information.
  6. Submit the information to the batch registration process.


Assign Bulk Registration Role


A Support Portal Super User may assign the Bulk Registration role to any account user including himself.

  • Login to the Support Portal and navigate to  Members > Manage Users.  Click kabab and Edit User
  • Select the user to assign Bulk Registration role, and assign the role. Make sure you do not have Cloud Product role. Cloud Product role is designed to limit user visibility only to Cloud Services in CSP. If you are meant to be a Super user, do not use the Cloud product role since it is a restrictive role. See more about roles here


 The Bulk Registration link under Assets is now visible.  



Add Assets from Sales Orders

  • Click Assets > Bulk Registration.
  • Select Add Assets from Sales Order 
  • Use Search for Assets to Add screen to retrieve available assets from all order summaries with unregistered assets.
  • Enter the Sales Order Number (by adding 00 in the beginning of Sales Order Number) or Customer ID (by adding 00 in the beginning of Customer ID) and Serial Number or Auth Code from any order summary and click Search.  The sales order number is provided in the order summary email.  The customer ID is found under the Company Account tab in the Support Portal.   The serial number or auth code from a previously registered device may be used. If the serial number starts with a '0', enter the '0' digits as well. 2016-09-27_13-29-20.png


  • All assets from the Sales Order will appear under Available Assets as well as any assets unused from a previous bulk registration.  Filter and sort to select the assets to register. 
    Columns may be filtered by Asset Type, Serial Number/Auth Code, Part Number or Sales Order Number.  
    Asset Type, Serial Number/Auth Code, Part Number and Sales Order Number may be sorted by ascending and descending order.2016-09-27_13-31-55.png
  • Click an individual asset or select multiple lines by holding down the Shift key.  Select the assets to be moved to Selected Assets.  If you get time-out error, select 10 or maximum 20 devices in one go. 2016-09-27_13-35-50.png
  • Use the right and left arrows to move assets between Available Assets and Selected Assets.     Click Add Selected Assets when the list is complete.
    If you do not wish to proceed and want to begin the initial asset search again, click Cancel.2016-09-27_13-37-56.png
  • Confirm the selection in the pop-up screen.  You will have other opportunities to make changes before registration.2016-09-27_13-39-12.png
  • List of Assets from Sales Orders will now be populated with the selected assets. Previously selected assets not yet registered will also display.  Remove any assets you do not wish to work with.  Assets can be removed by checking the box next to the asset and Remove Selected or use Remove All to remove the items listed on the displayed page.   2016-09-27_13-40-55.png
  • Click Proceed to Bulk Activation button when the list is complete.



Create Default Values and Add Licenses


Device default values may now be created and authorization codes activated.   Choose to work with the hardware assets pulled from the order summaries by selecting List of Assets from Sales Orders.   Select List of Registered Devices for devices already registered in the Support Portal account.   Only one model may be registered at a time.   Check the box next to the asset you work with under Availble Devices or Select All.



Fill in the form to create the default values for the selected serial number(s).

Note:  If a serial number with 4-Hour replacement is not located in the city/postal code designated in your Order Summary, your RMA order will default to Next Business Day Delivery



Apply the licenses under Select Available Licenses.



Verify device/licenses are correctly associated under Review Device/License Association.   Drag and drop licenses to change device/license associations.   Note:  All features in a license bundle will display  but they will not drag and drop.  Click Proceed to Final Customizations to continue, or Save as Draft to save data to submit later.   Changes may still be made prior to final registration. 



Final Customizations


Expand All to view default values set for each device or select the individual serial number.


Proceed for Final Review if no changes are needed.  Save as Draft if you are not ready to submit.   If you save a draft to complete the registration later, use the links at the top of the Bulk Registration tab to navigate back to the Customize page:



Cancel and Discard Progress to begin bulk registration process again. 


To finalize the registration, click Proceed for Final Review.



Click Yes if ready for final review when pop-up screen appears. Click No to continue with changes.



Submit to Registration/License Activation


Click Confirm and Finalize Bulk Activation if no additional changes are required or Cancel and Discard Progress to begin the bulk registration process again.  The EULA (End User License Agreement and associated End User Service Agreement) will also be accepted.


Click Yes to confirm.



The batch registration process will begin.  This will take a few minutes depending upon the size of the bulk registration.  Note: There is no restriction on the number of assets to register/licenses to activate.   



You will be returned to the List of Available Assets once the request is submitted.  Items will be removed from this list as the registration is processed.  Any unregistered items will remain in the list.   Use the browser refresh button to view the progress.

Email will be sent to the registrar indicating success of the registration or details of any failures.   Devices/licenses will appear under the Assets > Device tab of the Support Portal upon successful activation.


To view the completed order or navigate to previously submitted assets to the batch process, click Assets > Bulk Registration History.

Click View to display the selected assets that were processed.



See Also

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Additional Information

Bulk Registration will only activate the following licenses:
  • Threat Prevention
  • Global Protect
  • URL Filtering
  • Wildfire
Please note, Bulk Registration will NOT register Advanced URL Filtering, DNS Security, SaaS Inline, DLP or IOT.

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