How to Open a Case for High Management Plane CPU

How to Open a Case for High Management Plane CPU

Created On 09/25/18 19:03 PM - Last Modified 04/19/24 18:29 PM


Are you are experiencing a High Management CPU situation and need to open a case with Palo Alto Networks support? Please follow these steps to gather the information needed by support to help resolve the issue: 


  • Palo Alto Networks Firewall
  • High Management CPU


  1. Complete description of the issue. What is the observed CPU%? Is it constant throughout the day? At what times of the day is the spike generally seen? What are the side effects of high MP CPU – like WebGUI sluggishness, slow commit times?

  2. Date and time of the issue. When was the issue first observed?

  3. While the MP CPU is high, please collect the output from the following commands: (Recommended to log the CLI session output)
    > show clock
    > show jobs all (check for running jobs)
    > set cli pager off
    > debug management-server memory info (To check for fragmentation counter in ‘arena’ field)
    > debug log-receiver statistics (To check whether logging is too high)
    > show system software status (to associate running processes with IDs)
    > debug software trace management-server (Issue this command three times every 10 seconds).
    > show netstat (to show all socket connections)
    > show management-clients
    > show system resources follow
           Press number ‘1’ and then followed by <shift>H (to show threads). Let it run for a 30 seconds. Hit ‘M’ to sort by memory usage. Let it run for 30 seconds, and press ‘q’ to quit from it.
    > show system disk-space

  4. Check for core/crash files on management plane using:
    > show system files
    If there are any recent files under /var/cores/ directory, please upload the files using:

  5. Tech support files.
    If it’s an HA pair, please provide tech-support files for both active and passive firewalls and mention which device (w/ serial number) is experiencing high MP CPU.


Reference documents:

Tips & Tricks: Reducing Management Plane Load

Tips & Tricks: Reducing Management Plane Load—Part 2


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