For ASCs Partners: Creating ASC Customer Reports

For ASCs Partners: Creating ASC Customer Reports

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For ASC Partners: Creating ASC Customer Reports


Audience:  Authorized Support Center (ASC) Partners


This KB article is written for ASC Partners, who provide support services to ASC Customers.


Before Reading This KB Article

If you are an employee of an ASC Partner, ensure your Super User assigned you Customer Support Portal (CSP) role ASC User.  If you are not assigned role ASC User, you will not be able to create a CSV for ASV report in CSP.


ASC Partner FAQs


  • ASC Partners support specific types of assets deployed by ASC Customers. These assets have a support entitlement called "Backline Support", sometimes called "Backline SKU", assigned to a specific ASC Partner.
  • Typically, ASC Customer assets are stored and managed in CSP accounts for each ASC Customer.  However, some ASC Partners, will store some assets, e.g., PA-Series (Spare), in their own CSP account, and deploy them to ASC Customer accounts, as needed. 
  • Spares, however, are not typically assigned support entitlements, and thus are not included in ASC Customer reports (more on this later in this KB article). 
  • To generate a CSV report of, for example, PA-Series (Spare) assets in an ASC Partner account, an ASC user will use a CSP filter to search for spares, then use the Create CSV feature to create a CSV report containing spares.  This workflow is explained in more detail below.
  • An employee of an ASC Partner who supports assets for ASC Customers must be assigned CSP role ASC User by a Super User of the ASC Partner CSP account.
  • The most common CSV asset report generated by ASC Partners contains all assets supported in all ASC Customer accounts.  This workflow is explained in Section Creating CSV Reports of ASC Customer assets, below.


Navigating ASC Customer Accounts

ASC Partners periodically generate CSV reports that contain assets they manage for ASC Customers. These CSV reports contain assets in ASC Customer accounts. 

For example, assume you're an employee of an ASC Partner company named Best ASC Ltd.  Also, assume your ASC Partner company is assigned CSP account #12345.

Now, also assume your company supports five ASC Customers.

  • CustomerOne Corp,    CSP account #100

  • CustomerTwo Corp,    CSP account #200

  • CustomerThree Corp, CSP account #300

  • CustomerFour Corp,   CSP account #400

  • CustomerFive Corp,    CSP account #500


To display assets for these ASC Customers in CSP:

  • Browse

  • Click CSP Account Selector to view ASC Customer accounts


Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 9.03.36 AM.png

To display assets in a specific ASC Customer account, select one of the accounts, e.g., Customer Two Corp.  Then, select menu Assets > Network Security.  The Network Security asset table displays only assets deployed by Customer Two Corp., assigned to your company, Best ASC Ltd.  (NOTE:  Only assets with backline SKUs assigned to your company are displayed in the Asset Table).

If an ASC Customer has also deployed assets not assigned to Best ASC Ltd., these assets are not visible.

Now, click Edit Asset icon to see details for an asset.


Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 9.22.31 AM.png

CSP displays details about the asset you selected.  Note your company is listed as the Authorized Support Center.

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 9.30.18 AM.png


Creating CSV Reports of ASC Customer Assets

To create a CSV report containing all assets supported by your company for all ASC Customers:

  1. Use CSP Account Select to browse into your ASC Partner account, CSP account #12345.  Ensure you browse into your ASC Partner account (#12345), not one of your ASC Customer accounts.

  2. Click menu Assets > Network Security to display Network Security page

  3. Click Asset Actions and select Download CSV for ASC menu 

  4. CSP generates a CSV file containing ALL assets your company supports from ALL ASC Customers that your company supports.  In this example, the CSV report contains assets your company supports from the five ASC customers listed above.

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 9.45.46 AM.png


Creating CSV Reports From Your ASC Partner Account

If your ASC Partner company uses its CSP account to store assets used by your ASC Customers, these assets may, or may not have Backline SKUs to indicate the assets are supported by your company. 

Keep in mind the Download CSV for ASC feature described earlier contains only assets that have Backline support.  

To display these assets in your CSP account, click Assets > Network Security menu to display Network Security page.  Then, for example, to find PA-Series (Spare) assets, create a filter to find spares.  The filter then displays the result in the asset table.


Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 10.02.41 AM.png

Click Account Actions > Download CSV menu to generate a CSV report containing the contents of your Network Security asset table (in this case, PA-Series (Spare) assets).

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 10.01.06 AM.png


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