How to create a Technical Support Case from the Customer Support Portal

How to create a Technical Support Case from the Customer Support Portal

Created On 12/09/23 02:25 AM - Last Modified 04/15/24 19:26 PM


The article provides step-by-step instructions for each stage of the Technical Case Creation process facilitating a smoother workflow and help you create a well structured case.


  • Customer Support Portal (CSP)


Access the Support Portal:
Navigate to the Customer Support Portal at

How do I create a new case?
  1. After navigating to the Customer Support portal, from the Home Page, click on the Create a Case Tile.
  1. You will be directed to the Case creation page as displayed below:

Create a technical case
  1. Select any of the products you require help with.  
Select the product


  • The process is a little different when you select Panorama, Prisma Access or Virtualization/VM-Series as your product. 
  • In this case you will need to answer questions  to help identify if your product is Panorama, Prisma Access or Virtualization/VM-Series:
Next Gen Firewalls


  1. Select the asset you need help with:
Select Asset

Note: If you cannot select the serial number, check the support type. If it says Partner Enabled Premium Support, it means that you cannot create a support case directly with Palo Alto Networks for that asset. Contact your ASC partner who will assist you or open the technical support case on your behalf. 

Image 15-03-2024 at 14.12.jpg

You can check the ASC contact details in CSP under Products > Assets, filtering for the serial number, clicking Edit. 

  1. Continue to fill out the form by describing the problem in detail with issue symptoms. Add details of the most recent issue Date/Time and click on the Next button to proceed.
Describe the issue
What should be included in the Issue Description?
  1. Describe the Scenario and include actual vs expected behavior
  2. Include error messages/codes or other identifying details, send screenshots if applicable.
  3. Does the problem happen all the time? Is it random, or does it appear under certain conditions?
  4. Have you made recent changes that you think are related?
  1.  Select the type of problem using the drop-down menu or the displayed Tile
Confirm the category
  1. Select the Impact Level that best matches your situation:
Indicate the impact
  1. For Critical/Severity 1 issues the user needs to answer the clarifying questions and click on the acknowledgement checkbox.
Indicate impact
  1. Make sure to check the recommended solutions first. You can review the recommended solutions for extra resources which will further enable you to self-serve a solution.
Review solutions
  1. Can’t find a solution? Go ahead and fill in the additional questions by clicking on the “Provide Additional Information” button. Answering these questions will help us reduce the time that it will take to resolve your issue.
additional questions
  1. Confirm your preferred contact number. You may allow the Support teams to  access your CSP account to diagnose your issue faster by granting impersonation access (if applicable, only for selected products). Click on the “File a Case” button to save all the entered information.
Contact information
  1. After filing the support case, you will get a confirmation of your case creation. From here, you can attach helpful documents to assist your case resolution  or go to the case list to view the status of the Case. 
Case number

 Success! You have successfully filed a case.


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