How to Manage Your Support Case Within the Customer Support Portal?

How to Manage Your Support Case Within the Customer Support Portal?

Created On 12/09/23 01:40 AM - Last Modified 04/07/24 20:51 PM


Can a customer manage their support cases from the CSP? 


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  • Customer Support Portal (CSP)


If you have this permission, you may manage your case using the Customer Support Portal (CSP) > ‘Support’ link.



You will need to access the specific support case from the Support Cases tab in CSP.  Access the case by clicking on the Case Number in the CSP Support Cases view.  You can search for a specific case with the Search Cases option on the right side. Enter the case number in the field then click ' Go! '


Once you have selected your case, the options available to you will be displayed in the ‘Manage Your Case’ tab. Note: If your case was just created, or is in a ‘Closed’ status, these options may not all be available.  


Requesting a Case Update


If you need an update prior to the stated SLA response time, you may request an update using the form provided. Completing the form by explaining the reason for the request then Submitting the request will notify the Case Owner and their Manager. There will also be a public case comment placed into the case to record this request.
Request Case Update tab


Changing Case Severity

If there are changes to the business environment or other factors impacting the handling of the case you may change the case severity using the form provided.  Severity may be adjusted up or down depending on the business environment.  You will be asked to select the ‘New Case Severity’ and the reason for the change from the respective drop down menus.  There is also an “Additional Information’ field to provide supporting comments for the scenario.  


When completed, the Case Severity will be updated in the case, and a public comment will be entered.


Note: The customer cannot change the case priority until either a TAC Engineer or a CSR enters an initial comment on the case.

Change Case Severity/Priority tab


Requesting to Close a Case


If you would like to close your case, you can request that action be taken.  Select the ‘ Request to Close Case’ tab. Click on the button “Submit Request to Close Case” and the case owner will be notified, the case status updated accordingly.
Request to Close Case tab


RMA cases:  

If your case qualifies for an RMA, you can find RMA related information, tracking details (if applicable) under the RMA tab. Do you need RMA Return Instructions? Click the Request Return Instructions under the RMA tab > RMA Information. The Return Instructions will be sent to the Asset Recovery contact provided in the RMA case in 24 hours.



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