When "/opt/pancfg" Partition Reaches 100% in Panorama, What Could Be the Cause?

When "/opt/pancfg" Partition Reaches 100% in Panorama, What Could Be the Cause?

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If "opt/pancfg" partition reaches 100% in Panorama, what could be the cause?
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  • Panorama
  • PAN-OS 8.1, 9.0, 9.1

This partition gets full usually cause by one of the following reasons:
  1. Too many Pan-OS software (Panorama > Software) for Panorama is being downloaded. 
  2. Too many Pan-OS software (Panorama > Device Deployment > Software) for Firewall deployment is being downloaded.
  3. Some older Antivirus or Content update (Panorama > Dynamic Updates) is downloaded and still left in the system.
  4. Some XML API request queries run against the system but not getting log out.
To resolve, delete the "old" software that is unused in Panorama.
  1. GUI: Panorama > Software     => Delete the old software which is unused by using the "x" button on the last column
  2. GUI: Panorama > Dynamic Updates  => Similar procedure. Delete the old, unused "antivirus", "app and threats" and "wildfire" images.
  3. GUI: Panorama > Device Deployment > Software   => Delete the old images.
  4. GUI: Panorama > Device Deployment > Dynamic Updates  => Delete the old and unused antivirus and other images.
Once deleted check the disk space using the "show system disk-space" command. If this "/opt/pancfg" partition happens to be still close to maximum after deleting unused software, please contact TAC to investigate further.

Additional Information
Unable to Download Dynamic Updates on New PAN-OS Software From Not Enough Disk Space

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