When does a URL get categorized as 'newly-registered-domain'?

When does a URL get categorized as 'newly-registered-domain'?

Created On 03/27/20 15:47 PM - Last Modified 12/03/21 14:40 PM

When does a URL get categorized as 'newly-registered-domain'? 

  • Palo Alto Firewall.
  • Any PAN-OS.
  • PAN DB URL Filtering.


URLs are categorized as a 'newly-registered-domain' when the domain has been registered (Passive DNS is observed). It means we observed its first DNS traffic at that time.  This is when the clock starts, within the last 32 calendar days. After this period, Palo Alto Networks will crawl the URL to determine if it needs to be re-categorized. If this is unsuccessful, the crawler then tries again at 3 day, 7 day, 2 week, and 30 day markers. By the last day if the crawler cannot determine the content, the URL will be categorized as "unknown".

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